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Roof Mounted PV Systems

By far the most popular type of Solar PV system is a retro-fit roof mounted array. An array is a group of PV modules fitted side by side, the size and shape of the array being designed to the customer's requirements and the location.

Almost any roof type is suitable, even flat roofs. We mount the PV modules using special brackets bolted directly to the roof structure, and an aluminium framework designed specifically to fit your roof. The brackets allow for a small ventilation gap between the roof covering and the PV modules which keeps the modules cooler and allows rainwater to run freely off the roof. The brackets do not compromise the integrity of the waterproofing.

On flat roofs, the PV modules are fixed to a framework which angles them towards the sun, increasing their efficiency and making them self cleaning. The framework is mechanically fixed if possible or weighted down to resist wind movement.

Before fixing PV modules to an existing roof, we conduct a thorough site survey to check that the
roof is suitable. Once we have all the relevant information we then prepare a design and quotation. In the unlikely event that your roof is unsuitable we will explain why and suggest more suitable alternative renewable technologies for your property.



If you are considering investing in renewable technologies for your home, business or elsewhere, there could be no better time to act than now!

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