Roof Integrated PV Systems

Particularly for new-build properties, roof integrated solar systems can offer a more seamless appearance that roof mounted systems. Various types of modules are available to suit your roof specification and new types are being launched all the time.

Solar tiles and solar slates are two of the most popular units available (pictured below). They have a very similar appearance to the surrounding roof covering, and have structural advantages too - often weighing the same or less than the concrete or terracotta equivalent.

Integrated PV systems are available for existing buildings as well, and qualify for the same Clean Energy Cashback tariffs as roof mounted systems, although on a new build property the tariffs are slightly lower. Please see our 'Further Information' section for more information.

Standard size PV modules can also be easily integrated into existing roofs with the use of sunken mountings and weather-tight flashing for when a more discreet look is required.


If you are considering investing in renewable technologies for your home, business or elsewhere, there could be no better time to act than now!

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